Don't Call It a Friends Reunion, Says One Cast Member

Sorry Friends fans, it's not good news.


Friends fans have been very excitable since the news of a reunion was announced recently, but David Schwimmer might have just disappointed them all by dropping the bomb that it's not actually a reunion at all.

The stars of the classic sitcom —minus Matthew Perry—will be getting together for a televised salute to legendary TV director James Burrows on a new NBC special, but not in the way that fans are hoping for.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Schwimmer said: "We're honouring someone we love very much, Jimmy Burrows, our director."

"It won't be a reunion, but it'll be fun," he added.

And in another case of dashing all of our hopes, Perry also said recently that the upcoming Friends get together isn't the big face-to-face reunion we've all been hoping for - although Matt LeBlanc seems to be completely on board with it all.

Call it what you will, Friends cast, but we say five cast members (plus a virtual one) on screen at one time sounds like a reunion to us...

The special is scheduled to air on NBC on Sunday, February 21 at 9pm ET.

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