Meghan Markle Sees Her Wedding Dress the Day Before the Royal Wedding in New Video

Here's a first look at Queen of the World.

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It's been four months since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a huge royal to-do at Windsor Castle, wearing a gorgeous custom Givenchy gown and an intricate hand-made veil. Since then, she's made plenty of royal appearances with her husband and his family, but for the first time since the big day, the Duchess of Sussex is giving an official interview—in honor of the Queen, of course.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Meghan, along with Harry, Prince William, will be featured in a new documentary titled Queen of the Worldwhich will give an intimate look into the lives of the Queen and the royal family. "Offering a unique insight into Her Majesty The Queen's role as a figure on the global stage, this landmark series tells the story of how the Commonwealth has been a central focus and passion throughout Her Majesty's life," according to ITV.

A sneak peek of the doc has just been released, and this first look includes a scene with Meghan Markle talking about (and touching!) her silk tulle wedding veil which was hand-embroidered with flowers that represent the commonwealth. "Ms. Markle expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony," Kensington Palace announced. "Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition."

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"Fifty-three countries, oh my goodness," The Duchess can be heard saying in the doc. "It will keep us busy."

For the appearance, Meghan wore the same navy Roland Mouret dress she was spotted in when she had tea with her mother and the Queen the day before her wedding. Given the fact that they're discussing her wedding look and she's wearing the same outfit, chances are this was filmed the day before the royal wedding. you see how calm she seems in that shot?! #Queen.

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Meghan Markle Roland Mouret

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The dress is still available, if you're interested in buying the perfect thing to wear to tea with the Queen and for an official royal interview:

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Roland Mouret navy dress, $2,165 SHOP IT

Queen of the World airs on ITV on September 25 and HBO on October 1.



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