Kylie Jenner Channels Sexy Swan Vibes in Her 2018 Holiday Dress

Kylie Jenner wore a feathery white dress for the holidays. She posted the pictures on Instagram — read more.

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The holidays are upon and you know, 'tis the season to dress like a sexy swan, apparently. At least, that's the way Kylie Jenner (opens in new tab) is playing it with her 2018 holiday dress.

The reality star/Kylie Cosmetics (opens in new tab) beauty mogul/iconic "Cool Mom"  (opens in new tab)took to Instagram on Saturday to show off her holiday lewk (or at least one of them—Kylie is super extra about the holidays (opens in new tab) and will no doubt be showing off several ensembles on social from now through the new year). 

In the Saturday picture, Kylie models (opens in new tab) an all-white ensemble that will take you back to 2010 and the movie Black Swan in a big way. The skin-tight, curve-hugging dress is short ("mid-thigh" is a generous description of the length) and laces corset-style from the neckline all the way down. Yes, the dress shows off Kylie's amazing legs and insane waist-to-hip ratio, but the real scene-stealers are the sleeves—particularly the left sleeve, which is feather and swan-like and fabulous in a very "could anyone but a KarJenner pull this look off (opens in new tab)?" kind of way. Kylie paired the dramatic dress with strappy white satin heels, minimal jewelry, and a simple low ponytail because with a dress like that, you don't need a lot of accessories.

"The drama," she appropriately captioned the photo.

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The first pic was taken inside, on a luxurious white staircase. Because Kylie (opens in new tab) is nothing if not thorough in documenting her fashion journey (opens in new tab) for future generations, she also shared a second post with a small gallery of outdoor shots, in which she poses in front of the white, vintage Rolls Royce Travis Scott gave her (opens in new tab) for her 21st birthday.

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