Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Shared a Sweet Sign of Affection at the Royal Christmas Service

What a happy Christmas it was yesterday! Our best present: a dreamy royal holiday sighting that will get us through this winter. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton dressed in outfits so festive and complementary in their monochromatic colors, they must have coordinated on their group text. If that didn't put the feud rumors to bed, the footage of the Kate and Meghan chatting and smiling as they walked with Prince William and Prince Harry on the way to Christmas service at the Sandringham estate with the rest of the royal family should. It's already known that Meghan and Harry show more PDA in general than Kate and Will, and then we were gifted a truly sweet, and unexpected, touchy feely moment between the two duchesses.

In the Twitter video, below, taken by @androyalty, we see Meghan lean towards Kate as they chat and gently touch her on the back as they go through the gates to Sandringham estate. (What were they discussing?! Royal baby names? The deals Kate got bargain shopping? How good the men looked during their annual Christmas Eve soccer match??) What's even cuter is that Harry, clearly wanting to hold the hand of his beloved, reaches back, expecting Meghan's hand to be right there. Then, he turns, sees his wife talking to her sister-in-law, and reaches out to help her with her flowers instead. UGH it's so cute.

In related news, Meghan and Kate performed their mandatory curtsies to the Queen as she passed by outside the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and according to People, Meghan's curtsy is "much improved" from last year's. Apparently it's a deeper bow with clasped hands, I guess? This year's curtsy looked more "confident."

UK Press PoolGetty Images

Here's last year's curtsy, for comparison. You're rocking it, Meghan.


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