Priyanka Chopra Jonas Serves Up '80s Rainbow Realness in 'Jimmy Fallon' Appearance

Color is IN, according to this year's New York Fashion Week, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas is taking major cues. On last night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she joined the host for his infamous "Ew" sketch with THE most fabulously colorful, 80s-inspired outfit. And she documented exactly how she got the look on Instagram.

Color is IN, according to this year's New York Fashion Week (both on and off the runway), and Priyanka Chopra Jonas is taking major cues. On last night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she joined the host for his infamous "Ew" sketch with THE most fabulously colorful, 80s-inspired outfit. And she documented exactly how she got the look on Instagram, in case we want to copy it.

Joking that fashion month was the "perfect time for me to try out some new looks," Priyanka detailed her transformation from sexy, fashion forward style icon to '80s teen perfection. From her colorful mom sneakers, to her pink extensions, to her denim overall dress with floral patches, to the the rainbow accents on her shirt and backpack, it it a LOT of lewk—and I am here for it. The '80s are still making a huge comeback, in case anyone wanted to break out their own denim dresses. *raises hand sheepishly*

Seriously, Priyanka is totally channeling Rainbow Brite. You know, that iconic '80s TV show that featured a lot of colored hair and rainbow accents? (also, I'm old—if you've never heard of that show, just go here and you'll see exactly what I mean.)

Take a look at the iconic transformation:

Foot, Ankle,

(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Hand, Play, Nail, Fashion accessory, Art,

(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Snapshot, Pink, Room, Fun, Textile, Photography, Outerwear, Gesture, Jeans, Art,

(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Pink, Snapshot, Photography, Gesture, Photo caption,

(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Clothing, Pink, Cool, Dress, Photography, Textile, Pattern, Child model, Denim, Style,

(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Priyanka and Jimmy Fallon had a blast as faux-teen pals. Hilariously, in the "Ew Speed Round," Fallon/Sara showed her a picture of Nick Jonas. Initially saying, "Ew!" Priyanka then smiled. "No, I'd totally put a ring on it," she said, casually flashing her wedding ring to Nick Jonas.

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