Prince William and Kate Middleton Arranged a Private Screening of this Oscar-Nominated Movie for Prince George

Prince William and Kate Middleton saw Oscar-nominated climbing documentary Free Solo and were very impressed. They royal parents arranged a private screening of the film so Prince George could see it too.

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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the 2019 BAFTAs (opens in new tab) last Sunday, where they spent time chatting with the star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Free Solo
  • Will and Kate reportedly loved Free Solo (opens in new tab), which stars pro climber Alex Honnold, so much that they arranged for a private screening of the film for their oldest son, Prince George.
  • The film follows Honnold's attempt to complete the first free solo climb of El Capitan's 900-meter (or roughly 3,000-foot) vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park in California

Prince William and Kate Middleton (opens in new tab) are flexing their royal privilege a little—but all in the name of making Prince George (opens in new tab) a very cultured little 5-year-old.

The royal couple (opens in new tab) have reportedly used their clout as, you know, a royal couple to arrange for a private screening of an Oscar-nominated (opens in new tab) movie for their oldest child (opens in new tab). The movie in question? Free Solo (opens in new tab), which is nominated (opens in new tab) for Best Feature-Length Documentary.

WATCH FREE SOLO (opens in new tab)

Will and Kate are huge fans of the film themselves and spent time hobnobbing with Free Solo's star, pro climber Alex Honnold, and his girlfriend, Sanni McCandles (who also plays a big part in the movie) at the BAFTAs last weekend (opens in new tab).

According to The Sun (opens in new tab)Will and Kate (opens in new tab) personally requested the face time with Alex and Sanni, which speaks volumes about how much they loved the film. Will, in particular, was reportedly in full fanboy mode during the meeting, asking Alex tons of questions about his epic climb. This is totally fair—Alex scaled the 3,000-foot vertical rock face of El Capitan, the iconic rock formation in California’s Yosemite (opens in new tab) National Park that you probably know best as your Mac's default wallpaper circa 2015.

Alex completed the daunting climb without ropes or safety gear and Will was, understandably, like "...but HOW?" (opens in new tab) (though, presumably, said in a much more regal way). The royal even reportedly asked permission to examine Alex's hands for injuries, like a true super fan.

Here's hoping George loves the movie (opens in new tab) as much as his parents did and convinces them to take him to the Oscars to meet Alex himself (hey, dare to dream, right?).

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