Katie Holmes Shares Sweet, Rare Photo of Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes gives just enough hints about her life with her daughter Suri Cruise to show how proud and happy she is to spend time with her daughter. Over the last three months, she's given us more of a glimpse into the life the two have together, most recently with a shot of her daughter from the back as they spend time in a winter wonderland.

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Katie Holmes gives juuuuust enough hints about her life with her daughter Suri Cruise to show how proud and happy she is to spend time with her daughter. Up until recently, Katie's social media was primarily about her work, but over the last three months, she's stepped up with a few more glimpses into the life the two have together. She snapped a few photos over the holidays, one of which was a dreamy, artistic pic of Suri, as well as what might have been her daughter's Christmas tree. Then, on New Year's Eve, Katie shared a photo of Suri, her friends, and her skiing, wishing everyone a "Happy New Year!" Now, she's back at it, with a shot of her daughter from the back as they spend time in a winter wonderland.

Last week, Katie shared the most gorgeous slow-motion video of herself during a snowstorm while she films The Boy 2 in Vancouver, so Suri might be up there with her—or the actress might be taking a break from filming. Vancouver's known for skiing; Suri and an unnamed pal gaze out at what looks like a little ski town on the side of a hill, complete with ski cables and tons of snowy goodness.

Katie paired the picture with a beautiful Virginia Wolff quote: "No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself." It's such a kind statement to pair with the photo—Katie's telling her daughter that who she is, right now, is beautiful. *weeps softly*

There's no sign of Katie's handsome boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, and the pair hasn't been seen for a few weeks, but given their amazing grins whenever they're together, chances are the pair is still going strong. Couples' ski vacation, anyone?

Here's the shot of Suri:

And you can see the New Year's ski photo here (look at Suri's smile!)

I live for these mother-daughter updates.

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