Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Pose for an "Awkward" Picture with Joffrey from 'Game of Thrones'

Sophie Turner ran into her good friend and former Game of Thrones love interest Jack Gleeson. The pair posed for an "awkward" photo with Sophies fiancé, Joe Jonas.

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This week, the countdown to the end of Game of Thrones got real when the cast gathered in New York City for the show's final red carpet premiere.

Most of the show's huge ensemble cast was in attendance, as were a bunch of the show's former cast members—since, you know, GOT has a habit of murdering characters left and right.

Among the former cast in attendance was Jack Gleeson, aka Joffrey Baratheon, aka quite possibly the most hated character in the show's history. Jack played the villainous young king, who was engaged to Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner) in the show's early seasons, and then actually retired from acting after his character's demise in Season 4.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2014, Jack explained his decision to retire after Thrones

On screen, Joffrey was the worst to poor Sansa, but behind-the-scenes, Jack and Sophie were great friends. As such, they took full advantage of the premiere party as a chance to catch up—and to force Sophie's real-life fiancé, Joe Jonas, to pose for hilarious "awkward" photos. Sophie shared one such photo, of her and Jack hugging and being the cutest while Joe looks on in sad confusion at his love draped over her second most famous (albeit fake) fiancé.

Everyone at the party seemed absolutely delighted to see Jack, including Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow), who barely even worked with him.

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Game of Thrones finally returns for its final season on April 14. 

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