Ever Noticed How Much Your Favorite Celebrities Look Like These Random Objects?

“Mariah Carey as toasters.”

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Celebrities, they’re just like...common household utilities, or random accessories, or fruit, or Finding Nemo characters—at least, according to the internet. People on Twitter have taken it upon themselves to compare celebrities we love, like Halsey and Kacey Musgraves to things that we also love, just in a different way. It’s like Twitter knew I didn’t have time to read the whole 400-page Mueller report, but I absolutely had time to scroll through threads upon threads of Kacey Musgraves’ outfits next to rainbows and butterflies.

Look, it was hard to narrow down my favorites threads. But don’t call it an act of bravery. Instead, call it a service to the American public (and a service to your long workday). Take a peek, have a laugh, and maybe waste a little time looking for more miscellaneous items similar to beautiful celebs when you're done. You’ll be surprised at how similar your broom might look to, say, Justin Bieber.

Kacey Musgraves as Cowboy Hats

Naturally, the Queen of Yee-Haw’s sparkly ensembles are getting a hat tip (get it?) to the good ol’ cowboy hat. The accessory is a perfect mix of country and style, just like Kacey. But we really need to know how Valentino Couture feels about the comparison.

The Jonas Brothers as Pencils

If you think really (really) hard about the meaning behind this one, it could be a tribute to how thin and frail the JoBros once were as pre-teen heartthrobs. Remember when Nick Jonas didn’t have ab pics on Instagram because he didn’t have abs to put on Instagram (and also there was no Instagram)? Those were dark days.

Ariana Grande as Different Species of Crabs

The sixth one down is my favorite. The fourth one down is...not.

Harry Styles as Crystals

Glimmering. Rare. Beautiful. All of which, in my opinion, can describe Mr. Styles and/or pretty crystals.

Beyoncé as Elements on the Periodic Table

Leave it to Queen B to make Uranium look good. (Side note—it would have been much easier to memorize the elements in college if a Beyoncé photo was positioned next to each letter.)

Lady Gaga as Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Characters

Have you ever seen something so wrong, yet so right?

Timothée Chalamet as decorated cakes

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The cakes are pretty, but Timothée’s ability to perfectly mix angst, mystery, heat and steam into a character is prettier.

Halsey as Pineapples

Never in the history of time have pineapples SERVED this much. Halsey, too. But, wow, those pineapples are gorgeous.

Chrissy Teigen as Honest

Perhaps this comparison is the sole reason Jessica Alba created her billion-dollar company!

Mariah Carey as Toasters

Keep it crispy, daahhling.

Chris Hemsworth as Hammers

Get it, because Thor? And also because Mr. Hemsworth is masculine, but approachable. Just like a hammer.

See? The internet is a beautiful place filled with potentially life-changing discoveries. And if you don’t agree that these were life-changing, that’s fine, too. I'll just be over here, eating and photographing galaxy cake and pineapples.

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