Miley Cyrus Responds to Cody Simpson Calling Her "Baby" on Instagram

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  • The latest romantic link up for Miley Cyrus: Singer Cody Simpson.
    • The pair have been spotted together in recent days, kissing and cuddling and generally enjoying each other's company in a more-than-friends capacity. On Saturday, Simpson shared a picture of him and Miley on his Instagram story, captioned, "pre swim breakfast courtesy of baby."
      • Miley's response was, in true Miley fashion, the absolute best. The singer took to her own Instagram story to reference the post, sharing a photo of herself as an actual baby in reply to Simpson's post and pet name.

        Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are having a casual, kiss-filled thing right now, which is, for the record, more than okay, contrary to what some of Miley's critics have been insinuating.

        On Saturday, Simpson documented his and Miley's morning together with a black and white photo on his Instagram Story. The picture features him kissing Miley on the cheek while she makes an adorable scrunched nose face. Simpson captioned the cutesy pic, "pre swim breakfast courtesy of baby."

        Simpson's caption tells us a few things about the budding (but casual) relationship:

        1. Cody and Miley are hanging out in the mornings—or, alternatively, having breakfast later in the day than most people.
        2. Cody and Miley like swimming together, which is not shocking for people in California.
        3. Cody is a fan of pet names, specifically "baby."

          The photo in question, to view with your own eyes:

          Face, Photograph, Forehead, Nose, Head, Cheek, Interaction, Mouth, Neck, Photography,

          Miley, being Miley, responded to the new pet name in the best way. First, she acknowledged it in an Instagram Story post of her own:

          Skin, Beauty, Blond, Photography, Sitting, Gesture, Eyelash,

          Then, she took things up a notch, posting a photo of herself as an actual baby:

          Photograph, Picture frame, Room, Photography, Rectangle, Child, Interior design, Album, Digital photo frame, Art,

          Followed by a side-by-side, just for good measure, to illustrate that she's a grown woman and not an infant human (but while also acknowledging that she does still make the same faces she made as a smaller and younger person):

          Face, Hair, Nose, Eyebrow, Skin, Head, Lip, Cheek, Chin, Hairstyle,

          Well played, Miley. Well played.

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