Beyoncé Shares Pics of Herself in a Skintight Red Dress on Instagram

Beyoncé shared several photos of herself in a skintight, sparkly red dress on Instagram, including some showing off her legs.

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  • In a new Instagram gallery post on Friday, Beyoncé showed off her perfect curves in a skintight, sparkly red dress with a high neckline.
  • The singer didn't caption the series of three shots, which included two medium shots and one full-body look at the dress in which Bey hiked up the long skirt to show off some leg (and the clear heels with spike embellishments she paired with the gown).
  • In addition to the see-through, spiked shoes, Beyoncé accessorized the sexy, jaw-dropping dress with a pair of matching red, bedazzled sunglasses, large gold leaf earrings, and huge statement ring.

Beyoncé has done it again—if "it" is defined as "wearing something insanely sexy and making it even sexier by placing it on her gorgeously curved body."

The singer shared several news pictures of herself (and husband Jay Z) on Instagram Friday in a series of three posts. First, Bey dropped a closeup of herself. In the picture, you can see a sparkly red turtleneck, but the tease doesn't do justice to the full outfit (which the Lion King voice actress graciously revealed in her next 'Gram). 

While it doesn't show off the full splendor of the form-fitting red Sol Angelann gown she's wearing, the first picture does give fans a closeup view of her beauty look, which included an elaborate half-up/half-down 'do, perfectly-shaped brows, and a pout that illustrates exactly why lip gloss was invented:

If you have $4,835 lying around, you can own Bey's Swarovski-drenched gown yourself:

Next, Bey shared a gallery post with three pics of the dress. It's apparent even in the first two medium shots that the skin-tight, sparkly Sol Angelann red dress is the definition of sexiness, but then Bey upped the ante in the third picture, in which she channel Jessica Rabbit while hiking the skirt up to show some serious leg:

In the series of photos, Beyoncé also showed off her accessories for the look, which included a pair of clear heels embellished with spikes, a pair of matching red, bedazzled sunglasses, large gold leaf earrings, and huge statement ring.

Finally, and most shockingly, Bey showed off her silly side in a post highlighting her and her husband, Jay Z, making some seriously silly faces—as in, fish lip and crossed eyes.

All hail the Queen.

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