Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Isn't Concerned About Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's Relationship

A source close to Liam Hemsworth says the actor isn't concerned with ex-wife Miley Cyrus' new relationship with Cody Simpson.

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  • Liam Hemsworth isn't hung up on his ex-wife Miley Cyrus, or concerned about her new relationship with Cody Simpson.
  • A source close to the actor told Hollywood Life that Miley's new relationship is "not something he’s put much thought into."
  • Liam has moved on too and is reportedly dating Australian model Gabriella Brooks.

Liam Hemsworth isn't bothered by his ex-wife Miley Cyrus' new romance with Cody Simpson. In fact, he's not really thinking about it, apparently.

A source close to the actor told Hollywood Life that he's focused on other things—specifically, all of the good things going on in his own life—right now. 

"Liam is moving forward in such a positive direction in his life right now and he’s just doing his own thing," the source said. "Miley and Cody’s relationship really isn’t his concern and it’s not something he’s put much thought into."

Miley and Liam announced their separation in August 2019. Miley briefly dated Kaitlynn Carter before connecting with Cody, who she's been dating since last fall. Liam has also moved on and has most recently been linked to Australian model Gabriella Brooks. Outside of his new relationship, Liam has been focused on work and family.

"Liam wrapped filming on Arkansas and Most Dangerous Game and right now he’s just enjoying some down time with friends and family," the Hollywood Life source explained. "He’s been hitting the gym and spending a bit of time with Gabriella. All around, he’s doing really well. It’s been a really good 2020 for him so far."

Happy to hear it.

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