Ryan Reynolds Trolled Blake Lively for Her Birth Control "Not Working" When His Daughters Did His Hair

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds playfully trolled each other on Instagram again this weekend and Ryan even dragged their daughters into the game.

  • When it comes to celebrity couples' faux feuds, no pair does it better than Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who have been playfully (and expertly) trolling each other on social media for years.
  • This weekend, the actors brought their kids into the mix in a pair of trolling Instagram Stories. Blake kicked things off, sharing a picture of Ryan's new quarantine hairstyle, courtesy of his young daughters.
  • Ryan responded by reposting the picture on his own Instagram Story, with an added jab at Blake, whose birth control he said clearly "doesn't work."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' kids have officially become fair game in their trolling wars, apparently.

The latest round of the couple's notorious (and, importantly, playful and all-in-good-fun) online barbs came on Sunday, when Blake shared a picture of Ryan's quarantine hair on her Instagram Story. The photo shows the Deadpool actor's hair styled in a tiny turquoise scrunchie, a 'do that clearly came courtesy of their daughters.

"I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity," she captioned the photo, which, as she predicted, will be burned in fans' brains for the rest of time.

blake lively ryan reynolds hair instagram story

(Image credit: Instagram)

Ryan responded by sharing Blake's post on his own Instagram story, but with some new commentary of his own that trolls not just his wife, but his kids, too.

"Clearly your birth control doesn't work, so..." he wrote.

yan reynolds trolls blake lively birth control

(Image credit: Instagram)

This is proof that everyone in the Lively-Reynolds household is fair game for trolling and we now officially can't wait for James Reynolds to get her own Instagram so she can drag her parents right back.

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