Justin Timberlake Wants the Internet to Forget About His Double-Denim Moment with Britney Spears

Some things are just too good to be forgotten, JT.

the 28th annual american music awards
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Fashion moments are fleeting, but unfortunately for Justin Timberlake, Internet nostalgia is forever.

During a songwriters roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter, the singer and Palmer star begrudgingly reflected on his infamous 2001 double-denim red-carpet moment with his then girlfriend, fellow pop star Britney Spears. Attending the American Music Awards together more than two decades ago, the couple wore coordinating chambray ensembles that included Spears in a denim constructed, strapless ball gown and Timberlake in a matching denim suit, a cowboy hat, and early-aughts appropriate gradient-style sunglasses.

"I confess that there was maybe a period in the '90s where I could skip over some of the outfits that were public, but the Internet will never," said Timberlake during the roundtable. Musician John Legend, who was also a part of the chat, chimed in, saying, "Denim on denim on denim on denim that will never be forgotten!"

the 28th annual american music awards

(Image credit: Jeffrey Mayer)

"Thanks, John," Timberlake responded to the jab. "Uh, no, the Internet won't allow me to forget them. So it's all good."

Though the pair had quite the buzzy breakup back in 2002, there appears to be no hard feelings regarding their split on Spears's side. The pop star, who often posts videos of herself choreographing dances to pop songs on her Instagram, still regularly listens to her former beau's music.

"Danced in my black 🐢 neck last week to HOLY GRAIL !!!!" wrote Spears on Instagram last week, sharing that she grooved to Timberlake's 2013 collaboration with Jay-Z. "I KNOW ... turtle necks are SO ME 😂💁🏼‍♀️✨💃🏼 !!!! @justintimberlake."


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