Katie Holmes Mastered Casual Chic in a Black Leather Jacket and Baggy Jeans in NYC

Katie Holmes stepped out for a walk in New York City with her boyfriend Emilio Vitolo, Jr. and looked chic in a black leather jacket and baggy jeans.

  • For their latest loved-up stroll around New York City, Katie Holmes and her boyfriend, chef Emilio Vitolo, Jr., both looked chic AF in the fashion department.
  • The 42-year-old actress wore a fur-trimmed black leather jacket and a pair of baggy black jeans, which she accessorized with an oversized, black and white houndstooth bag and sleek black leather boots, as well as dangling hoop earrings and a simple black face mask from Evolvetogether.
  • Emilio wore a tan turtleneck and dark pants, paired with a long, patterned coat and leather shoes for the couple's latest walk.

Katie Holmes is doing what Katie Holmes does best these days: Walking around New York City looking chic AF and completely in love.

The 42-year-old actress stepped out in NYC on Friday, February 26 for one of their famous, loved-up strolls with chef Emilio Vitolo, Jr., her boyfriend.

For their latest blissful walk around the city, Katie wore a super chic, head-to-toe black ensemble that struck the perfect balance between cozy and stylish. What pieces make up a perfectly cozy but still stylish look, you're wondering? Well, as Katie illustrated with this look, at least one such combination is a fur-trimmed leather bomber jacket, paired with loose-fitting black jeans and accessorized with a pair of sleek leather boots (featuring the slightest point to the toe) and an oversized, black and white houndstooth bag. All on the accessory list for the look: dangling hoop earrings and a simple black face mask from Evolvetogether.

Emilio, for his part, kept up with Katie in the chic department. The chef wore a tan turtleneck and dark pants, paired with a long, patterned coat and leather shoes for the walk.

kaite holmes emilio vitolo jr

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And Katie and Emilio both accessorized with absolute looks of crazy love, as per usual:

kaite holmes emilio vitolo jr

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Shop Katie and Emilio's favorite face mask below:

Katie and Emilio's love has been going strong for months now. In October, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the relationship is new territory for the actress, who has followed her partners' lead in the past and is doing things her own way this time around. 

"They adore each other and can't get enough of one another," the source said. "In the past it seemed like Katie would sort of mold to her partners’ lifestyle, but with Emilio, Katie is so authentically herself. This is the real Katie and she’s playing by her own rules now. They’re so happy."

The source also explained what it is about Emilio that Katie loves so much and, TBH, we get it.

"One of Emilio’s most attractive attributes is his work ethic and ambition—his family restaurant is a huge priority for him, which is why they spend so much time at the restaurant," the source added.

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