All the Celebrities Pregnant and Expecting Babies in 2020

It's the year of baby fever!

celebrities expecting
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In 2019, some adorable celebrity babies were welcomed into the world (we're looking at you, little Archie Harrison). In 2020, we can look forward to even more babies, thanks to pregnancy announcements from celebs like Anne Hathaway, Ciara, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and more. There's just something about a celebrity baby that cranks up that baby fever! Maybe it's because their parents are, like, the most popular people on the planet, that they could inherit the skills their parents are known for, or just the simple fact we're obsessed with baby names here at Marie Claire.

Sometimes when there's so much excitement in the air, it becomes hard to track who we should expect to see add a plus-one to their family. That said, we made a list of all the celebrity pregnancies we're looking forward to in 2020: past and present. How else are we going to keep up with all the cute pregnancy posts? Ahead, all of the celebrity pregnant in 2020.

Bianca Rodriguez

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