This Is How Much It Costs to Live Like Britney Spears

$19K just for hair and makeup.
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There's no doubt that Britney Spears has made a load of money in her lifetime. From music to merchandise to Las Vegas residencies to movies (Crossroads, you guys! #NeverForget), the performer seems to be a-okay in the finance department. So how much does it take to live the Brit Brit lifestyle?

According to reports, the 33-year-old singer earned $14 million in 2014, and had total assets valued at $45,982,505.75. (Wowza.)

That year, the singer spent $49,383.85 on wardrobe, $19,791.69 on makeup and hair, and $3,058 on Christmas decorations. She spent $41,471.28 on household supplies, at places like Target and grocery stores.

Even with those big chunks of change, Spears looks to be living well under her means—and why shouldn't she spend the money she worked to earn? You do you, B. And remember, you're Britney, b*tch.


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