'Downton Abbey' Stars Read a Scene in an American Accent, Prove the Show Is Actually a 'Real Housewives'-y Soa

10/10 would watch.

Soon after he and Marion Cotillard taught us how to say "I have an historic case of swamp ass" in French, Stephen Colbert did the reverse and had the cast of Downton Abbey un-fancify their "plummy" accents.

On Wednesday's episode of the show, Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Allen Leech (Tom Branson), and Hugh Bonneville (the fiscally irresponsible dad) stripped away their long vowels and any sense of enunciation and emerged…the Real Housewives of Yorkshire, pretty much, complete with Leech going off script as Mary's GBF.

Watch the video above, and let's keep the Downton parodies going, shall we? Soon, that''s all we'll have left

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