Sia Visited Sesame Street, Wore a Clown Nose, Bestowed a Wig Upon Elmo, Ruled at Life

S is for Sia.


Like many celebrities before her, Sia just made an appearance on Sesame Street, where she joined A-listers like Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo for some good old-fashioned preschool hijinks.

The "Chandelier" singer wore her signature Oreo colored wig for the appearance (no, Cookie monster did not try to eat her), which she paired with an enormous pink bow and a casual clown nose. 

Naturally, she also brought wigs for her furry puppet friends because she's generous like that. (Guys, look how much fun Sia's having, it's genuinely heart-warming).

You'll have to wait to see Sia's full Sesame Street appearance on PBS, but apparently she's teaching everyone her favorite dance moves. Here's a taste of what's to come:

Maddie Ziegler would be proud.

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