John Legend Puts Lyrics to the 'Downton Abbey' Theme Song, Nails It

"Edith is such a loser/Why won't she just diiiiiieeeee?"

GIF ¦ John Legend Singing & Playing Piano
(Image credit: YouTube)

For us law-abiding Americans, Downton Abbey came to a mushy, mostly satisfying end Sunday. For John Legend and Jimmy Kimmel, this signaled that they should put words to the show's theme to make fun of its lack of diversity and weird upper-crust English customs—and to shade poor Edith.

With lines like "Can someone come and comb my hair?" and "Let's all ride horses and talk smack"—all sung in Legend's smooth, smooth baritone—the "never-before-heard lyrical version" of the opening song would send anybody ROFL...except maybe the Dowager Countess.

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Chelsea Peng
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