It's Casual: 'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyled with President Obama at the White House


Lin-Manuel Miranda
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Hamilton just staged a White House takeover, which means everyone's collective fave, show creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, got to chill with President Barack Obama. The result? An epic freestyle session modeled on The Tonight Show's Wheel of Freestyle.

First, you should probably educate yourself in Lin-Manuel's freestyling genius in the unlikely event that you haven't already:

Next, please feast your eyes upon Lin-Manuel freestyling with Human Wheel Obama in the Rose Garden (more like the Prose Garden, amirite?):

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Finally, go ahead and do the IRL equivalent of this for a while: !!!!!!! 

Ok, now that everyone's adequately dealt with their #Bam4Ham enthusiasm, can we please talk about how adorkable Obama's politics-themed cards were? It was a total POTUS nerd-out session up in there.

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