Spotted: Blake Lively Saying She's Down for a 'Gossip Girl' Reunion

::puts on celebratory headband, flails::

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Hey there, Upper East Siders. Get ready for some truly thrilling scoop, because it appears as though a Gossip Girl reunion *might* be just around the corner. Ya see, Blake Lively was recently asked if she'd be game to slip back into Serena van der Woodsen's stilettos, and she seemed surprisingly into the idea.

"I don't know, it would be fun," the actress told E!. "We had such a great time doing that that I think we all would really enjoy that."

Everyone right now:


Actor Sebastian Stan also expressed interest in a reunion (quote: "I'd be down. Why not?"), but apparently Leighton Meester was asked about the possibility in 2015, and answered with a simple-yet-devastating "nope."

Hopefully, Leighton's had a change of heart in the past twelve months, because someone needs to explain why Dan Humphrey spent his teen years moonlighting as a gossip blogger.


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