Tax Rebate Fever!

What to do with your newfound $600

Money, Honey

What to do with your newfound $600:

  • Buy 606 99-cent Wendy's Frosties (less if you buy fries to dip in them)
  • Donate $600 to your presidential candidate
  • Lift one eye
  • Buy a pair of Manolos
  • Make your monthly student loan payment on time
  • Spend one night at the 12 room, Gothic Villa, Villa Faltrinelli in Italy, or 11 nights at a Travelodge in Cleveland
  • Book Hall & Oates to play your Superbowl party
  • Head to Vegas, baby, and turn $600 into $6!
  • Drink one bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild Paullac 1986 ($592), or 200 bottles of Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck
  • Get your teeth whitened
  • Furnish your entire home at Ikea
  • Pay someone to assemble all the Ikea furniture
  • Purchase one bra and panties set at Agent Provocateur
  • Forget getting engaged first--buy your own damn KitchenAide mixer
  • Buy a VIP ticket to Coachella
  • Get your mom something nice for once
  • Become the sexiest girlfriend ever and purchase a Wii with all the attachments
  • Get a custom haircut by Ken Paves
  • Take a scuba diving course
  • Set aside for two of the damn bridesmaid dresses you'll be wearing this summer