Superbowl Ads from A to Zzz…

Thank goodness the game rocked. With the exception of JT's Pepsi spot (any commercial that cues up "LoveStoned" gets our endorsement) and the e*trade adverts featuring a fiscally responsible infant who spends his money-market windfall on a clown (seriously, YouTube it now), the commercials so didn't. The stylist on the Ford shoot who let Derek Jeter wear those 1980s jeans? The 30-seconds-of slobber-sound-effects in the dog drinking Gatorade commercial? Cavemen trying to carry a stone case of Bud Light to a party and those damn Geico cavemen, back from NBC to shill insurance and their sitcom (is it even still on the air?) Don't even get me started on Sales Genie's animated study in stereotypes, with its Asian panda bears who talked like Mr. Yunioshi's in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Ugh. .

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