California Is Giving You FREE Birth Control Because It's the Law

Turns out California boasts a lot more than miles of brillant blue coastline and some of the country's most sought-after vino. They're groundbreaking in the political sense, too. In addition to signing a bill that mandates the use of "affirmative consent" wording in the sexual assault policies at colleges across the state, another piece of pro-women legislation was signed into law by the state's top official. The Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act will take the extra step to ensure that women will be able to access birth control free of charge.

All health insurance providers will have to cover the complete costs of any type of birth control that's been approved by the FDA. That means that in California, your contraceptives, no matter if they're in pill, ring, or IUD form, won't cost you a dime, no matter what. The national Affordable Care Act hopes to provide similar measures, but is less definitive in its wording. This allows for blocks such as co-pay and prior authorization to slip through, meaning that many women still have difficulty accessing the contraceptives they're looking for. Just another reason why Cali keeps looking more and more like the best state for women.

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