Sarah Hyland's Allegedly Abusive Ex Was Jealous of Her Career

Last month, we learned that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, 23, filed a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend of five years Matthew Prokop, 24. The petition alleged that Prokop was physically and verbally abusive to Hyland, leaving her countless "vile, threatening, and emotionally disturbing texts and voicemails." What could've possibly spurred his outlandish behavior was lost on us... until now. Sadly, it seems that it was Prokop's jealousy over Hyland's successful career that was his downfall.

According to Us Weekly, Prokop felt left behind by Hyland because her career was flourishing, while his was stalling. The power shift was frustrating and "fueled his anger," an insider told the magazine.

"He got incredibly jealous when she would go out by herself or meet up with her friends," another source said. "He was constantly texting, trying to find out who she was with."

While Prokop clearly has anger management and insecurity issues — he's checked into rehab since the breakup — we have no sympathy for a man that is threatened by a woman's success, and thus tries to sabotage it. Controlling relationships are inherently unhealthy and we applaud Hyland for taking a stand against his toxic, egotistical behavior.

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