Editors' Dish of the Day


  • Hooray! We're all getting $600 from the government. To offset the thousands streaming out of our 401(k)s.
  • Our Boyfriend Of The Day: Jesse Williams, who signed on to do four episodes of Heroes, will star on Broadway in the new Edward Albee play, and who we haven't stopped smiling about since came into our offices last week. Jesse Williams
  • Lost is coming back this Thursday night and oh, how we've missed it. Figuring out what's happening in the Lost space-time continuum is the hardest our brains have worked since we gave up Sudoku.
  • Loved America Fererra's gorgeous dress at last night's SAG Awards—insert your own "so not Ugly Betty!" joke here. And Tina Fey's reliably self-deprecating, funny acceptance speech about being a hat rack.
  • We need to be thinking of a good bar from which to watch the Super Tuesday (Feb. 5) returns with other politics-obsessed dorks like us. Who drink. Drinking's essential.
  • Gotta love Superbowl pride—but casual Fridays or not, you can't wear that jersey as a shirt for work. Or worse, as a dress (hear that Mariah Carey? We know you're doing it right this second).
  • Bill Maher's calling 'em like he sees 'em. When Mitt Romney made the suggestive comment that you don't want an idle Bill Clinton in the White House, "Romney played the pussy card," Maher said. The perfect foul-mouthed-observer-of-our-democratic-experiment.

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