Techs-giving Prep

We don't know how the Pilgrims prepped without the net, but luckily we don't have to worry about that. If you're scrambling to get ready for the holiday, take advantage of these awesome apps that will make it seem like you've been planning all year.

Mealboard, $3.99

MealBoard is your new go-to for cooking preparation. Input your own recipes or import them from the web, and this app will organize your meals by day, generate a grocery list and keep track of what is stocked up in your pantry.

Grocery Pal, free

Once you have the grocery list, it's time to get the goods. If you're looking the best price and want to consolidate your shopping list, check out Grocery Pal. It will tell you what local supermarket to head to based on what you're looking for.

Next Glass, free

If you're going to have the whole family at your house, you're probably going to need this. Keep your guests in high spirits with a curated collection of alcohol. Not sure what to get? Next Glass will scan the label of a bottle and will help you determine whether you (and your guests) will like it based on unique taste preferences.

Paperless Post, free

Want to throw a last minute party but have yet to spread the word? Make it easy and send your friends and family custom invites through Paperless post. It's quick and easy, and will keep you automatically updated on your guests' responses.

Waze, free

There's nothing worse than holiday traffic. If you're late for you're very important date this year, download Waze before walking out the door. It will give you real-time updates and plan your route based on feedback from users in you're area.

Trusper: 17 Thanksgiving Mistakes, free

Before you do anything, take a look at Trusper. From recipes to DIY decorations, this tip-based app has all the advice you need to make it through the holiday. Check out their post on 17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes to be sure and avoid them yourself.

TGI Black Friday, free

Once Thanksgiving is over, we move right into every shopper's favorite day: Black Friday. If you're dreading the midnight scramble for deals, bring order to the chaos with this app that will give you price comparisons, shopping lists, and coupon deals—AND even buy some items straight from your phone to avoid the lines all together. Turn on notifications for automatic updates.

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