This Exclusive Clip of 'Novitiate' Moved Us to Tears

Novitiate Movie Clip - WatchNovitiate Trailer

If Novitiate isn't already on your list of movies to watch this Fall (FYI, it's on ours), please amend that immediately and mark October 27 off on your calendar. The film—starring Margaret Qualley, Melissa Leo, Dianna Agron, and Denis O'Hare—spans over the 1950s and 60s, and follows a young nun named Cathleen as she struggles with faith, sexuality, and the dogmatic rules of the church.

In the heartbreaking exclusive clip above, Cathleen apologizes for having feelings for one of her fellow nuns in a way that made her feel "comforted, wanted, and loved." Watching her apologize for her sexuality thanks to the church's harsh rules is emotional to say the least—and gives you some idea of the powerful acting in this movie. Have tissues at the ready.

Novitiate hits theaters on October 27. Watch the full trailer below.

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