Meghan Markle *and* Patrick J. Adams Are Reportedly Leaving 'Suits' After Season 7

If the show returns for Season 8, it may be without Rachel and Mike.

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Brace yourselves for this, Suits fans. If the USA drama returns for an eighth season, it may be without two of its core cast members. Per a new report from Deadline, Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams are both likely to leave the show after Season 7.

Rumors have been brewing about Markle's future on the show ever since she started dating Prince Harry, and both she and Adams are reportedly not expected to return as series regulars. Though this leaves them open to come come back in recurring or guest roles, the loss of Mike and Rachel is a pretty huge blow for the show. The show will return for the second half of its seventh season next year.

So...can Harvey, Donna, and Louis go it alone in Season 8? Do they move to Chicago to join Gina Torres' Jessica in her spinoff series? Who is Harvey without his bromance with Mike? And finally, will Rachel and Mike marry before departing the show?

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