This Is How 'The Crown' Will Handle Prince Philip in Season Two

The cast and crew open up about how the Queen's husband is set to take center stage.


In the run-up to the arrival of the second season of The Crown (which premieres December 8), Netflix has released a feature called Evolution of the Crown, which gives us further insight into what we can expect from the hit show.

“The world is changing, you’re going into the '60s, and no one is prepared for what’s going to happen,” said Claire Foy, who plays the Queen, of the second season.


From a changing social and political landscape to the outside world criticizing and threatening to destabilize the monarchy, we see the Queen forced to face many obstacles. As well as this, the latest series will focus in on Prince Philip in an in-depth look at both his marriage and who he is as a man.

“On the one hand, the monarchy has to move with the changing times and on the other hand, she has got to maintain her marriage,” said executive producer Andy Harries.

Meanwhile fellow producer Philip Martin said: “We find out things about him that I don’t think many people know, but also the character of Prince Philip is centre stage in a way that is new."

If you weren't already excited for this excellent pre-Christmas TV to arrive, then you will be after watching this.

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