The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' DVD Will Include Two Hours of Bonus Features

Here's hoping for a blooper reel.
Universal Studios

Great news for anyone who went to see Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters (okay, twice) and felt like there was something missing: The DVD will include two hours of bonus features. TWO. Do you know how much red room of pain action that is? Especially if they skip the weird, slo-mo dramatics.

So what exactly is included in this extra 120 minutes of Fifty Shadesness? Well, while we're hoping bonus = Jamie Dornan nether-region sighting, it's more likely some cut footage interspersed with cast interviews. Oh, and an additional alternate ending, which is very curious, considering the story is based off a book.

The unrated (ooo!) DVD will be available May 1, and there's a teaser (because of course there is) to whet your appetite:

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