Amy Schumer Brilliantly Takes Down Rape Culture with a 'Friday Night Lights' Parody

Coach and Mrs. Coach would approve.

As promised, the season-three premiere of Inside Amy Schumer included a Friday Night Lights parody ("Football Town Nights") that brilliantly skewered rape culture. Josh Charles plays a coach who won't let his team rape women under any circumstances ("How do I get through to you boys that football isn't about rape?!") and Amy plays his Mrs.-Coach-type wife who drinks a lot of wine.

In an interview with, the writer of the sketch, Christine Nangle, explained the thinking behind the sketch:

I had that idea when I was reading about Steubenville. I just was thinking, What's the way to get into that? I just kept getting frustrated with the permissiveness of the football town culture and the school and the parents. It started to become so ridiculous to me that I saw how it could be funny.

It turned out she was right.

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