The 'Friends' Cast on Oprah in 1995 Is Gold

The hairstyles. The clothes. The awkward comments about not being famous.

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Let's take a little stroll down memory lane. In 1995, Friends was just coming to the end of its first ever season. Plus, YouTube was still a decade away from being invented and the internet was, for most of us, a magical new thing that was accessed via a cable in the wall and a mammoth dial-up time.

So, you may not have witnessed the gem that was the cast's big TV debut on Oprah, when Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer were still in their mid-late twenties.

The whole thing is very cute and very LOL. Back then, Jennifer says they "try as much as we can to get together and watch [the show]" when it's on. Pretty sure they weren't still doing that nine years later!

The funniest thing is that they still all seem pretty shocked by being recognized and insist that they really aren't that famous in the scheme of things. "If you're in LA, no-one cares, because there's bigger, better stars than us walking around!" laughs Lisa.

Jen adds: "I still just go to work every day. There are people on the street… but I don't get it as much as these guys and I don't feel it has changed my life this much." Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact Jen feels she is the least famous at this point!

Nine years later, Oprah caught up with them again and a lot had changed. Filmed just after the last episode of Friends had aired, Matt LeBlanc joins the gang late, because he's just had his first run-through for spin-off show, Joey. "It went pretty good!"

One of the strangest parts of the interview, comes when Oprah asks each of them about the craziest rumors they have read about themselves in gossip magazines.

When it gets to Jennifer, she lists all the bizarre things she's read about her relationship with Brad Pitt. "[They've said] Brad's on a movie and they're in trouble. There was a period where I was living in a hotel and Brad was somewhere else. So, they had us divorced and that was funny."

This interview took place in May 2004 and the film Brad was away filming at the time was Mr. and Mrs. Smith—both Brad and Angelina Jolie have since admitted that it was during this movie that they fell in love.

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