Grumpy Cat Becomes the First-Ever Madame Tussauds Cat: "This Is Truly an Honor...I Hate It"

Oooo, she's *animatronic*, too.

It was bound to happen: Grumpy Cat has become the first-ever cat to be immortalized as a wax figure at Madame Tussauds—and (duh) she's not very happy about it. 

The internet's most beloved cranky animal will be on display at the attraction's San Francisco location later this year, before clawing her way to five other cities across the US. And, icing on the proverbial cat cake, the wax figure will be animatronic, to boot.

Of course, GC is unimpressed: "This is truly an honor...I hate it," she "said" in a press release. 

Grumpy Cat, who first found fame after her photo was posted on Reddit in September 2012, has been fairly busy of late, from events to new a possible sequel to the Lifetime original movie Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

Watch a preview of Grumpy Cat at Madame Tussauds below: