These Exclusive 'Riverdale' Photos Will Have You Stressed About Archie's Future

Spoilers ahead!

Tensions are always on the rise in the cozy-yet-murderous town of Riverdale—and an all new episode on January 31 promises to deliver. As Veronica prepares for her confirmation ceremony, she starts to worry that Archie's new chummy relationship with her dad is giving him access to too many Lodge family secrets. And she might be right—Archie's gotten himself into trouble after he participates in one of Hiram's inner-circle poker games. (Totally normal activity for a teenager!)

Meanwhile, Jughead and FP are taking charge after an incident in Pickens Park which has the Serpents on edge. Oh, and Betty's learning about her dark side from her long-lost brother Chic—as one usually does. Check out exclusive photos from the upcoming episode—and hands up if you're more than a little worried about what's going on with Archie and Hiram in that third pic.

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