Prince Harry Has Returned to the Place Where He Fell in Love with Meghan Markle

Though he's missing someone special...

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Prince Harry has decided to relive his royal love story and head back to Botswana—the place where he and Meghan Markle fell in love. The not-so-romantic news? This time, Markle has decided to stay behind (you know, royal wedding planning and all).

Harry is visiting Botswana to focus on wildlife conservation efforts in the region. Though we suppose there *could* be an alternative motive behind the solo Botswana trip...perhaps another royal wedding ring from the country? In fact, Markle's gorgeous engagement ring features a stone sourced from Botswana. (See it for yourself below.)

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Harry clearly can't stay away from Markle for too long. The couple's next appearance is set to take place on February 1 at the Endeavor Fund Awards—where we may see Markle in a tiara for the first time (fingers crossed). Come home soon, Harry.

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