Misty Copeland Performs a Breathtaking Ballet with Yo-Yo Ma on 'The Late Show'

Classical ballet legend meets classical music legend meets...late-night TV.


Last night, while some late night hosts staged Taylor Swift-lyric soap operas, Stephen Colbert presented us with another piece of fine art: a performance from one of the biggest names in ballet. The host invited two legends—Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theater's first black principal dancer, and master cellist Yo-Yo Ma—to perform together. And they did not disappoint: Copeland did a just breathtaking dance to Ma playing Bach's Cello Suite No.2:

Copeland also talked to Colbert about breaking racial barriers in ballet. "I feel like it's why I'm here—not just to be a ballerina but to be that voice and to make change in the classical ballet world," she explained with so much poise, even Colbert was at a loss for words:

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