A Better Way to Spend Your Sunday

Try these Sunday activities to beat the Sunday blues.

(Image credit: Jay Muckle)

If you're thinking of doing laundry

Instead try buying fancy new Aubade underthings

If you're thinking of going to the gym

Instead try watching Celebrity Fit Club

If you're thinking of doing the Sunday Times crossword

Instead try the People crossword (12-down is "Brangelina")

If you're thinking of going to an arty-farty photo exhibit

Instead try organizing your photos on Flickr (bonus points for not getting stuck on whether you look better with bangs)

If you're thinking of cracking that Churchill biography

Instead try gawking at Ashlee Simpson's shotgun-wedding pics in Us Weekly

If you're thinking of taking a book and a blanket to the park

Instead try turning off at the cineplex and killing the day with an X-Files/Batman double feature

If you're thinking of waxing and buffing the car

Instead try waxing and buffing yourself

If you're thinking of throwing a pot at the hip-looking ceramics collective downtown

Instead try blowing $300 at Pottery Barn

If you're thinking of going to Ikea for some overpriced particleboard furniture

Instead try going to Ikea for some Swedish meatballs, then leaving