Snapchat Introduces Emojis to Indicate Verified Accounts

Finally. Officially.

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Despite its countless celebrity accounts and the rapidly expanding scope of its use, Snapchat has never had a very effective search feature for finding the famous names you want to follow, let alone a method for marking them as verified. It seems, however slowly, that the popular social app is finally taking steps to change this—but don't expect to see any Facebook/Twitter/Instagram-esque checkmarks next to celebs' usernames.

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature they're calling, "Official Stories." (We're still admittedly a little unclear as to whether the account is what's official or if it's just the story…??) As some may have noticed while scrolling through the Stories feed, a little emoji now appears next to the username of some of the app's most popular stars. For example, Kylie Jenner is marked with a 👑, Justin Bieber with a 🙏. (Obvious next question: Did they get to choose their own emoji??)

According to this Snapchat support article, Official Stories have only been introduced to a small group of users for now, but could become more widely available soon. Hopefully a more user-friendly/easy-to-search directory isn't far behind. Fingers crossed!

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