Female Journalists Across the Country Respond to a Radio Station's "Babe Bracket" in the Most Powerful Way

The decades-long tradition ranks local female broadcasters by their looks.

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In today's in most outrageously sexist news, a radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas, refused to end it's longstanding "Babe Bracket," which ranks local female reporters and anchors based on their attractiveness.

Here's how the bracket works: The hosts of "The Show With No Name" pit 16 women against each other and the morning show's listeners vote to decide who makes it the end. The whole "event" is sponsored by an Arkansas lingerie company called Seductions.

The bracket has been running on the KABZ-FM 103.7 website for over two decades now, which is why Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson said it's all in "good spirit." On KABZ, Hutchinson said, "Everybody enjoys it. We have to be careful not to be too politically correct. I think everybody knows the good spirit that it is in."

But not everyone was thrilled with the bracket. Women in the news industry responded to the continuation of the bracket via Twitter by creating the hashtag #MoreThanABabe. With it, they are sharing their personal and professional accomplishments.

Care to rethink this, KABZ-FM 103.7?

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