Here's the Weirdest Thing About Your State, According to Google

North Dakota is going to have an existential crisis after this.

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Everyone knows that when you have a burning question, your first stop on the quest for an answer is Google. Whether you don't know how much fish food to feed your fishies, or you're wondering how to get away with murder (not because you're actually a murderer, but because you just finished binging the show on Netflix and you're kind of curious), Google is always there for you when you need it.

But have you ever wondered what the entire country finds most curious about your state? Like, what they collectively wonder about your state and turn to Google to figure out? Well, Mental Floss decided to get down to the bottom of this question and their discoveries are curious indeed.

Some highlights: Why does New Mexico hate Texas? Why does Oregon have full-service gas (because that's a super important question)? And why does Kansas have so many tornadoes (because tornadoes are no fun)?

Check it out.

Why does North Dakota exist ? Come on guys. That's just rude.

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