Leonardo DiCaprio Saw Coachella in 3D

Actor and Coachella fan Leonardo DiCaprio chose 3-D glasses as his disguise of choice at this year's festival.

Leonardo DiCaprio at Coachella
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Leonardo DiCaprio loves Coachella—specifically the Neon Carnival, where he frequently bros out with his buddies (opens in new tab) or whispers sweet nothings to Rihanna (opens in new tab), usually while wearing sunglasses and some sort of headgear (which, yes, includes the occasional newsboy cap).

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna at Coachella

Leo and Rihanna in 2016

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Whether this getup is disguise or eyeball protection (because the Neon Carnival is just really, really bright) is uncertain, but this year, Leo upgraded his eyewear choice, skipping the sunglasses and going straight to a more cutting edge, yet very old-school technology: 3-D glasses. You know, the paper ones you used to get at the planetarium.

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He was, of course, flanked by two young women, though it's unclear whether either were his rumored new girlfriend, Camila Morrone (opens in new tab).

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So, is he doing his best Clark Kent? Reading secret messages no one else at the festival can see (or, erm, is even trying to see)? But anyway, what's the world like in 3-D, Leo?


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