Ways to Brag at Your High School Reunion

Spin Master

What to say if you haven't quite "lived up to your full potential"

THE SPIN: "I love cuddling up to my big guy every night — he's my best friend."

THE TRUTH: Your bullmastiff, Colby, is tired of spooning.

THE SPIN: "My place is cool — it has a sunken living room!"

THE TRUTH: You're still living in your parents' basement.

THE SPIN: "I'll have my girl Joan call you to set up a lunch."

THE TRUTH: Joan is your cubemate who owes you for covering for her after a four-hour shopping spree.

THE SPIN: "I'm active in children's charities."

THE TRUTH: You drop the change from your Big Mac into the Ronald McDonald House box.

THE SPIN: "The family's great!"

THE TRUTH: Your bro is in jail, your sis is in porn, you haven't seen the folks since graduation.