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THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY, by Tiffany Baker (Grand Central Publishing): Remember that girl in middle school everybody picked on? Meet Truly Plaice. Ever since she was born, she set catastrophic events in motion (her enormous body killed her mother in childbirth). Years later, when yet another tragedy strikes, Truly stumbles upon secrets passed down from the town witch and finds she suddenly has the power to change Aberdeen forever. This fun, folkloric story is part Ugly Duckling, part Tim Burton's Big Fish--full of betrayals and family skeletons, plus a dash of superstition. For anyone looking to vanquish the cruelties of the real world, this one's for you.

THE PIANO TEACHER by Janice Y. K. Lee (Viking): Claire Pendleton's in a bad place. She just married a guy she doesn't like, who uproots her from her comfy British home to glitzy, racially charged 1950s Hong Kong. There, she finds a job as a piano teacher for a well-to-do family and falls for their brooding chauffeur, who harbors his own secrets. (OK, we'll tell - a former flame.) In her debut novel, Lee tells two engrossing love stories, both involving the same man. Just hide your phone before cracking this one open - or risk calling your ex.

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