Blog Crush of the Week: AWKWARD Is Awesome

Erin used to wear a rabbit's foot around her neck. Sammy had braces for three years. The two cofounders of AWKWARD Is Awesome are both awkward and awesome, and we can't get enough of their mixed-bag blog.

AWKWARD Is Awesome is the fabulous duo's "experiment for 20-something women" who agree that perfection is boring. Their confessional blog entries soothe our quarter-life-crisis souls, and we're pretty sure they're stalking us, because Erin and Sammy's quotable exchanges seem to always mirror our own:

The ladies also weigh in on topics like drinking and feminism, embracing your imperfections, and breaking your dating dry spell (or as Sammy calls them, "my I literally-haven't-had-sex-in-over-a-year-therefore-I-am-a-born-again-virgin days").

Erin and Sammy might be AWKWARD ... but we think they're pretty awesome.

Stop by AWKWARD Is Awesome and say hello to Sammy on Twitter!

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