Spread the e-Love

You date online, make e-reservations for dinner, text flirt, and tell the world you're taken by updating your Facebook profile - and now you can share the love via Romance vMAIL, a personalized virtual Valentine from Ralph Lauren Fragrances, in celebration of their Romance Always Yours fragrance.

There's a very fine line between good-corny and bad-corny when it comes to e-cards, and most fall on the wrong side of that line--an animated puppy saying "I Wuff You!" just doesn't do it for us. But Romance vMail lets your personalize to your heart's content. Not only can you upload a slideshow of all your kissy-face photos, but you can also serenade your Valentine with a customized soundtrack. For the camera-shy and musically-challenged, you can also choose from iconic images shot by photographer Bruce Weber and pair it with a track from the new Nat King Cole album.

Send a Romance vMail at always-yours.com!

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