Your April Culture Pyramid

Your entertainment diet for April

GUILTY PLEASURES (partake sparingly)

This time the yellow-haired dog in question isn't Owen Wilson. Get your pooch on in MARLEY & ME, now on DVD.

A college dropout is forced to do Satan's bidding when the CW's kooky REAPER returns. Hey, guy, at least you have a job.

SAVORY SNACKS (2--3 servings)

If this doesn't make you go green, nothing will: Catch the eye-candy doc EARTH (whale calfs! baby elephants!).

Damn - author Deirdre Shaw's LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT has nothing to do with Kenny Rogers.

NOURISHMENT (3--5 servings)

Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore star in the shabby-chic-palooza Grey Gardens (HBO, April 18).

Break out the Birkenstocks: The Indigo Girls release a two-disc set, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug.

Daniel Craig loses the Bond Speedo to play a real-life Polish Robin Hood in DEFIANCE, now on DVD.

SUSTENANCE (6--11 servings)

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf pens a memoir, THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT. Parental pressure much?

In Treatment is back on HBO, making you feel downright functional.

Punk princess PJ Harvey is a woman who never forgets a diss on her new CD, A Woman a Man Walked By.

The Sundance dazzler SIN NOMBRE trails migrant teens on their dogged journey through Mexico to the U.S. border.