You Can Rent An Insane Home With Its Own Lazy River And Board Game-Themed Rooms

This Florida resort sleeps 45 people!

Orlando draws crowds to Florida all year long with its water parks, roller-coasters, and Disney-fied eats. The only thing that might make you forget Mickey is a stone's throw away? This sprawling 10-acre, 13-bedroom home that hosts a whopping 45 guests. The bedrooms are decked out to look like life-size board games, and the family-friendly amenities rival any resort. Waterslides, laser tag, a Jumanji-themed movie theater ... here's what you're in for at The Great Escape Estate.

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The Rooms

The Great Escape's 13 bedrooms are decorated to look like a Toys R Us aisle came to life (RIP). Themes include Monopoly, Scrabble, Get A Clue, Pictionary, and Operation, and are all interactive in some way or another. Beds vary by room, with king, queen, twin, and bunks for the kiddos.

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The Games

If your favorite kind of vacation is one where you barely sit down, The Great Escape has more than enough activities to keep you occupied. Guests can play giant connect four, life-size chess, human foosball, and classics like basketball, tetherball, and volleyball. The house sits on a lake, and there are kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats to take out on the water, too.

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The Amenities

Given how many people the house fits, there's gotta be room to feed everyone. The home has a main kitchen as well as an outdoor kitchen with refrigerators, ovens, grills, and more.

Throughout the property, there's also an arcade with pinball machines, arcade games, and X-Box and Playstation machines, plus a karaoke room, two water slides, and a lazy river. Imagine one of Royal Caribbean's giant cruise ships, but on land.

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How to Book

A space as big as this one doesn't come cheap, so start planning your family reunion/college get-together/work bonding trip now. A night at the estate starts at $1,295 (prices vary on weekends and holidays), with a cleaning fee and tax tacked on as well.

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