Blog Crush of the Week: Shmitten Kitten

When previous Blog Crush Awkward Is Awesome tipped us off about their friends, Shmitten Kitten, we had to check them out — and we're smitten.

Dating site Shmitten Kitten is like your friend who dates semi-professionally, gives you the no-BS, he's-just-not-that-into-you lowdown, and helps you come up with hilarious pseudonyms for the guys that you've gone out with against your better judgment. And by "you," we mean "we." We've dated all of these, and Shmitten Kitten has them down to a T:

Guys Who Text "U" and "R" Instead Of The Whole Word

Sheltered Suburbanites

...have these ladies been poking around our in-boxes?

They also bring the snark to their advice, whether they're lending an ear to the ladies, or to the dude who's wondering if he should lie on his online dating profile ("Any untruths about your appearance will be uncovered instantly. Have you ever tried politely sipping coffee when you're disappointed? It suuuuuucks.")

And they bitch right along with us when it comes to our pressing unsolved dating mysteries like "What's the Deal with Dudes Being Drink-Buying Dicks?"

But hey, dating isn't only about bad decisions, unfortunate encounters, and repeats of unfortunate encounters with bad decisions (...right?). Shmitten Kitten makes it clear that "this blog ain't about hatin' or making anyone feel bad about themselves, so relax a little! Smile!" And they make us do just that in their Tip Our Hats column, celebrating the best of men everywhere (they're currently fans of guys who wear argyle socks, hot professors, and guys who let us pick the music during a car ride.

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